How to Make Every Day Like a Weekend

Working for the WeekendAre you like a lot of people who spend their whole week just waiting for the weekend? Do you hate your job and suffer through the week for those precious two days of freedom when you can do anything you want?

Except that you can’t just do anything you want, can you? The weekend is filled with mowing the lawn, doing laundry, running some errands and all of the other things you can’t do during the week because you are at work. Then you get back to Monday and wonder what happened to the weekend.

That’s a lousy way to live. Life is happening right now, and only right now. If you are always looking forward to just getting past this moment, you end up missing your whole life. Monday through Friday count for just over seventy percent of your life. Books like The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle remind us that we can only act in the present moment. We cannot do anything about the past and anything that we can do about the future can only be done right now. When our thoughts are on the past or the future, we’re thinking those thoughts right now.

All you have is right now, and right now is all you can ever have. You will be much happier and have a more fulfilling life if you are doing something you enjoy or that at least doing something that allows you to mix your life into it more often than just two days out of every week.

I Make Every Day Like a Weekend

That’s why I chose network marketing instead of working for someone else at a job. It allows me to schedule my work around my life instead of scheduling my life around my work. To be able to do that is a very big deal. Network marketing has given me the freedom to be with my kids as they grow up instead of missing it like most dads do.

My working title for this post was “Living”, and that is what we are here to do. We are not here to toil and suffer. We are here to live, thrive, succeed and have a great time. Network marketing has given me more of an opportunity to do just that, live my life the way I want.

Today is a great example. I was able to spend the day today with my family and celebrate my nephew’s seventh birthday. We live several hours away so my kids don’t get to see their cousins very often. It was great to be able to spend the day with my brother and his family and let the kids play together. While traveling I was able to write this on a tablet then upload it to my blog once I got home. I wouldn’t be able to do something like this if I had someone else controlling my time at a job.

You Do Have to Work to Make Money

As a little bit of a disclaimer, you aren’t guaranteed to make any money when self-employed in network marketing. Unlike what some marketers might tell you (the ones who say “Just sign up. We do all the work for you!”) you really do have to work if you want to make money, just like in a regular job. Unlike what some other people say, network marketing really can work, if you do. The difference with network marketing compared to a “real” job is that you decide when and where you work so that you can schedule it around living your life, there are no raise reviews and you can’t be fired. The way I run my business, as long as I have an internet connection I can be working. If I want a raise, I build a bigger team and move more of my network marketing company’s product. It’s that simple and I am in control.

Are you done wasting your life working for the weekend? Give network marketing an honest look and I think you will like what you see.


P.S. If you are interested in a network marketing opportunity, I invite you to check out what I’m doing.


As I said above, there is no income guarantee with network marketing. I am a network marketer and that is where I generate my income.

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Network Marketing for Retirement

Network Marketing for RetirementMany people as they get older realize that they aren’t going to have enough money to retire. After working for 40 years or more, looking forward to the day when they won’t have to anymore, they will have to keep some form of job or live a severely restricted lifestyle. They will have to put all of their plans for traveling and enjoying their golden years on the shelf, maybe permanently.

It doesn’t have to be that way. I know many people who are making more than enough money to put some away toward their retirement. Further, they have no intention of retiring because they thoroughly enjoy what they do. What they have done is build a successful network marketing business, or you could call it a retirement business.

Network Marketing – A Place to Belong

My parents are retired and one thing I have noticed is that retired people need something to belong to. There are a lot of people who dread retirement because they don’t know what they are going to do with themselves. They need a reason to get up in the morning, maybe even more than they need the money. Network marketing can fulfill both of those needs equally well. You can attend events for distributors in your area, or put them on yourself. You can have meetings with your teammates and customers. And all of these can contribute directly or indirectly to generating additional income.

The thing to remember about network marketing is that it is a business, and businesses take time to get going. While overnight successes can and do happen, most people take at least a few years to get their business (network marketing or otherwise) to a point where it generates a significant income. With that in mind, it is better to get started sooner rather than later. It is probably not in your best interest to wait until the day you retire to start your business if you expect it to support you right away.

Creativity on the Time ClockOne of the nice things about network marketing is that you can start very part time while you are still working your regular job. It is easy to recommend one of your network marketing company’s products during a conversation if it meets a need. Strike up a conversation about retirement and what you are doing to prepare for yours. Maybe they will be interested in joining you. These are probably things that you already do anyway, so now you can build your own part-time business instead of a faceless company’s business. The point is that you can start now without it taking up very much of the time that you have available.

Network Marketing Is A Business

Here is my disclaimer. A network marketing business is a business. As with any business, there is no guarantee of success. There is no guarantee that you will make any money. Nothing that matters comes with a guarantee. Any business that you might start comes with risks and takes work to get it going. Fortunately, network marketing doesn’t have to require a large investment and the risks are similarly small.

Your network marketing business does take work. You have to put in the time and energy to get the money out of it. Keep your job while you get started learning how to do your network marketing business. Once it is established you can decide how big you are going to make it. How much money do you need from you business? You can then create that.

How Do I Learn More?

There are many network marketing companies out there than can suit whatever interest you may have. The company that I chose is in the alternative health field and is a great fit for both young and old. Learn more about network marketing and consider joining my team.


Retirement photo credit:
Time clock photo credit: ChrisM70 via photopin cc

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Science of Becoming Excellent

Wallace WattlesI started reading The Science of Becoming Excellent by Wallace D. Wattles and Dr. Judith Powell recently and came across something interesting. In chapter 5 they list four things that you need to do to prepare to become great:

  1. You must release all lust, and cease to be ruled by appetite.
  2. You must abandon greed.
  3. Let go of pride and vanity.
  4. Dismiss envy.

Number 1 is essentially eat to live, don’t live to eat. That’s a basic wellness principle. Number 2 is a little more interesting. They say that it is good to want things if they advance your life in some way, not just to run up the score so to speak. That’s cool.

Avoid Competition

It was numbers 3 and 4 that really caught my attention. Let go of pride and vanity and dismiss envy. This is something that I have talked about with a few friends and teammates in my network marketing business. They get hung up on what other people are doing and get into a competitive mode and feel that they need to outdo the other person or find out what they might be doing wrong so that they can complain about things being unfair.

They spend so much time worrying about the other guy that they never do anything to grow their own business, so their business dies while their “competitor” grows.

I think it was Bob Proctor who said that when you enter into competition with someone else you limit what you can do to the best that your competitor can do. That isn’t what I want to do in my business.

I don’t care to get into a network marketing competition, so I rarely pay attention to what other distributors with my network marketing company are doing. For one, there are only a handful of them working online like I am, and only one or two who have shown any signs of success online. If I notice someone doing something interesting I may see if it would be worth my time to incorporate it into my process. I try to learn from what other successful people are doing, not try to outdo them.

Play Your Own Game

I have found that I am more successful if I work from integrity and with the intent that everyone wins. It’s easier to succeed by focusing on my own game than by trying to tear down someone else. So forget greed, forget trying to outdo anyone else, and don’t envy anyone else for what they have or have accomplished.

Actually, I find that I have so many ideas for how to build my own business, that I don’t have time to worry about what someone else is doing.

As Wallace Wattles says in the book, “put aside all narrow personal ambition and determine to seek the highest good, and to be swayed by no unworthy selfishness.”


PS. You can read more of my thoughts on personal development here.

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Do You Dread Mondays?

Network Marketing Frees You From Monday DreadSome of my friends on Facebook post pictures like this every Monday, that is those of my friends who aren’t already involved in network marketing.

Do you dread Mondays? Do you spend all weekend wishing it was Saturday, then all week looking forward to Friday? It’s really a lousy way to live, isn’t it? Never enjoying today?

That’s one of the many things that I freed myself from when I quit my job to work on my network marketing business full-time.

I spend some time every day on my business, Sunday through Saturday. I can do that because I’m doing something I enjoy. For me, working on my network marketing business involves writing blog posts and sharing other people’s posts on Facebook and Twitter. Every now and then I get to respond to an email or talk with a customer on the phone. That’s fun for me.

For a more social person it might be attending networking meetings and chatting with people at the coffee shop. With network marketing you can build your business just about any way that you want.

I should also qualify what I mean by full-time. I get to work when I want to and make time for the things that are important to me. I participate in home schooling my kids. I can take time out to go do things with my family, like go to fun places during the week when there are smaller crowds.

If you are tired of living your whole life for just one or two fun days a week, give me a call or drop me an email. My contact info is in the top right corner of this page. Better yet, check out my network marketing business and consider joining my team.



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It Takes Focus to Achieve Greatness in Network Marketing

Focus On Your GoalsFocus and achieve were two of John Maxwell’s words of the day on Minute With Maxwell recently, and the two words are very strongly tied together.

It takes focus to achieve anything great.

Focus is the ability to keep yourself on one task or thought for an extended period of time. As John Maxwell said in his video on focus, the ability to focus on one thing long enough is what it take to turn a thing into a big thing.

This is all absolutely true for building a network marketing business.

When you start a new network marketing business, hopefully you want to achieve something great with your business. That may be changing your life for the better, other people’s lives for the better, and making a lot of money through it all.

What ever your goal, it will take a lot of focus. I believe this is where most people fail in network marketing. They know what they want to achieve but they don’t have the focus to stick with it very long.

Do you have the ability to stick with something long term? If so, then you may be able to accomplish something in network marketing.

Wayne Woodworth



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Why I Stay With Network Marketing

I am a network marketer, so today I want to talk about what I like about network marketing and the company that I am with.

I graduated from massage school six and a half years ago and through that training I had become very interested in wellness. It was as if a whole new world had been opened up for me. My Anatomy and Physiology instructor recommended Kevin Trudeau’s book Natural Cures “They” Don’t Want You to Know About. I don’t actually recommend the book because I found it to be a very difficult book to read, but there was one thing in the book that piqued my interested. Kevin Trudeau said that everyone should be sleeping on a magnetic mattress pad. I asked another massage therapist I knew about this and he introduced me to a network marketing company he had just joined.

I had never been introduced to network marketing before this point. Of course I had heard of Amway, Avon, Tupperware, and probably a couple others. Anyway, with massage being a time-dependent, labor-intensive, service-based business it made good business sense to have a product line that complemented it.

Fast-forward six years and I am still in network marketing with the same company. I don’t do much massage anymore because, like I said, it is a very time-dependent, labor-intensive business. So, why am I still doing network marketing, and with the same company?

I like network marketing because it is a business with a very low cost of entry, usually. The company I joined costs only $60 to join currently. It is also a business that you can run from home. You don’t need to rent office space or anything like that and I can have my family around all day if I want, which I do.

Network marketing is very accessible to “regular people”. If you can recommend a favorite restaurant or movie, then you have the most basic “skill” you need to do network marketing. From there, if you are coach-able, you can learn the rest.

There are tons of network marketing companies to choose from in just about every niche imaginable. Like I already said, I lean toward wellness. If you are willing to go with higher risk, then you can choose a brand new company. If you want some security in your business, go with an established company with no debt. I went the more secure route.

I am building my network marketing business entirely online. I built a website with WordPress similar to this more generic network marketing website. I attract readers to my blog on that site and direct that traffic to my company’s replicated website so that they can place orders. The company does all of the payment processing and order fulfillment. I just generate traffic by blogging and updating pages regularly and collect a check for my efforts.

I do sometimes get phone calls or email from customers who have questions and I follow up with an email to customers who order, so I’m not completely disconnected from my customers and prospects.

It’s that easy. Why would I switch to something else?

Wayne Woodworth

PS. If you know anyone who would be interested in something like that, let me know in a comment below or visit by business website.

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How Important Are Goals in Network Marketing?

I listened to a small piece of The Strangest Secret by Earl Nightingale on the way to a meeting a couple days ago. In this particular section he was talking about goals and comparing them to the destination of a ship on the ocean.

When a ship leaves a port it has to have a destination and a captain at the tiller if it is to have any chance of arriving at any meaningful place.

Earn Nightingale sayes that a ship without a destination is likely to run aground as a derelict on a deserted beach, if it ever even made it out of the port in the first place.

A network marketing business without a strong leader (captain) and a clear goal (destination) will do much the same. It isn’t likely to make much money, if any at all, and definitely won’t accomplish anything worth talking about.

I take that back. People may talk about it, but only as an example of what not to do. I don’t think that is how you would like your network marketing business remembered.

It is important for all business people to understand this, but more so for network marketers because this may be a new idea for the first-timer.

What is your goal for your network marketing business? What course are you setting for your ship?

It doesn’t have to be a huge goal. It could be as simple as getting your website set up or making your first sale. Even the simplest goal will get you pointed in the right direction. When you accomplish that goal it is time to set a bigger one.

When you are ready to get started in a network marketing company that can add power to your wellness and financial goals, check out the wellness network marketing company that I am working with.

Wayne Woodworth


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Seth Godin on Blogging

Here is a short video of Seth Godin on the value of blogging. Check it out.

I hadn’t thought about it like this before, but I believe he is right. I have changed a lot since I started blogging three or so years ago (not on this site).

Back then I didn’t know much about blogging other than that it was a good way to generate traffic to my website for free. I didn’t know how to write and I really didn’t expect a lot of people to read what I wrote. Actually, I blogged mostly to generate links to my product content so that I would rank better with the search engine. I didn’t care that nobody read my content.

I’m a little more serious about blogging for blogging’s sake now. I want people to read my content and leave me comments. Likewise, I’m more interested in reading other people’s blogs and leaving comments for them too. It is a great way to meet some people, make a few new friends, and share what is important for you.

I do still blog mostly for network marketing and affiliate marketing. This is how I generate my income. I still do it because I enjoy it.

So, with the popularity of blogging, network marketing could be considered a good way to monetize a blog as well as the other way around, like how I started with a blog as a good way to promote my network marketing business online.

What are your thoughts about blogging? Share with me in a comment below.

Wayne Woodworth

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Are Your Expectations Too Small?

Expectation was John Maxwell’s word of the day about a week ago. He shared a great story, so go see the short video.

Like the young guy in the story, are you passing on opportunities that are too big for your frying pan? Are your expectations too small?

Life is about having huge expectations and living life to the fullest. We are meant to live in abundance. Regardless of what the news and the people around us are programming us to believe, we are not meant to be broke and sick. We are supposed to be more wealthy and healthy than we can believe.

Network marketing is an opportunity for many to build big expectations. It is an opportunity for you to build an unlimited income by helping other people by sharing both the products and the business opportunity with other people.

Here is an exercise that Bob Proctor often uses when speaking to sales people or network marketers. Take your annual income and imagine what your life will be like when that is your monthly income. How will that change your life?

Make that your expectation and see what comes to you.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. To find out more about network marketing and how it may improve your income, and your health, check out my opportunity in the wellness field.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee how much money you will make with network marketing. Only you can do that by putting in the effort.

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What Is The Difference Between Prospecting and Recruiting?

I never really understood the difference between prospecting and recruiting as they related to network marketing. Do you know the difference?

I was listening to a recording of one of my upline leaders in my network marketing company and he explained it very clearly.

Prospecting is about talking to people to find out about them. You are listening for any indications that they may have a need that you can satisfy.

Recruiting is the process of taking that potential interest and creating the belief that you and your business opportunity or product can satisfy that need.

Now that I understand the difference, I can see how someone was attempting to do this with me on Twitter a few days ago.

He already knew that I am involved in a network marketing business, so he started his prospecting conversation there. He asked me if I was still with my network marketing company, if I am satisfied with the company and the money I’m making, how loyal I am and all of that kind of stuff. He kept asking questions to see if my responses would indicate that I might be open to him trying to recruit me.

He apparently thinks that I might be open to hearing about his business opportunity because today he shifted the conversation to a recruiting one and wants to set up a time to talk about his business opportunity. He apparently forgot or ignored how loyal I am to the company that I am with, because I’m not going anywhere.

It’s pretty easy to see the difference between prospecting and recruiting. The prospecting conversation is mostly about them, your prospect. You want to know about them, their needs and desires. The recruiting conversation is mostly about you and your offer and how you can satisfy their needs and desires.

Do you have any recent stories where someone got prospecting and recruiting out of order? How did it go? Please share it in a comment below.

Wayne Woodworth


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