Science of Becoming Excellent

Wallace WattlesI started reading The Science of Becoming Excellent by Wallace D. Wattles and Dr. Judith Powell recently and came across something interesting. In chapter 5 they list four things that you need to do to prepare to become great:

  1. You must release all lust, and cease to be ruled by appetite.
  2. You must abandon greed.
  3. Let go of pride and vanity.
  4. Dismiss envy.

Number 1 is essentially eat to live, don’t live to eat. That’s a basic wellness principle. Number 2 is a little more interesting. They say that it is good to want things if they advance your life in some way, not just to run up the score so to speak. That’s cool.

Avoid Competition

It was numbers 3 and 4 that really caught my attention. Let go of pride and vanity and dismiss envy. This is something that I have talked about with a few friends and teammates in my network marketing business. They get hung up on what other people are doing and get into a competitive mode and feel that they need to outdo the other person or find out what they might be doing wrong so that they can complain about things being unfair.

They spend so much time worrying about the other guy that they never do anything to grow their own business, so their business dies while their “competitor” grows.

I think it was Bob Proctor who said that when you enter into competition with someone else you limit what you can do to the best that your competitor can do. That isn’t what I want to do in my business.

I don’t care to get into a network marketing competition, so I rarely pay attention to what other distributors with my network marketing company are doing. For one, there are only a handful of them working online like I am, and only one or two who have shown any signs of success online. If I notice someone doing something interesting I may see if it would be worth my time to incorporate it into my process. I try to learn from what other successful people are doing, not try to outdo them.

Play Your Own Game

I have found that I am more successful if I work from integrity and with the intent that everyone wins. It’s easier to succeed by focusing on my own game than by trying to tear down someone else. So forget greed, forget trying to outdo anyone else, and don’t envy anyone else for what they have or have accomplished.

Actually, I find that I have so many ideas for how to build my own business, that I don’t have time to worry about what someone else is doing.

As Wallace Wattles says in the book, “put aside all narrow personal ambition and determine to seek the highest good, and to be swayed by no unworthy selfishness.”


PS. You can read more of my thoughts on personal development here.

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