Are Your Expectations Too Small?

Expectation was John Maxwell’s word of the day about a week ago. He shared a great story, so go see the short video.

Like the young guy in the story, are you passing on opportunities that are too big for your frying pan? Are your expectations too small?

Life is about having huge expectations and living life to the fullest. We are meant to live in abundance. Regardless of what the news and the people around us are programming us to believe, we are not meant to be broke and sick. We are supposed to be more wealthy and healthy than we can believe.

Network marketing is an opportunity for many to build big expectations. It is an opportunity for you to build an unlimited income by helping other people by sharing both the products and the business opportunity with other people.

Here is an exercise that Bob Proctor often uses when speaking to sales people or network marketers. Take your annual income and imagine what your life will be like when that is your monthly income. How will that change your life?

Make that your expectation and see what comes to you.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. To find out more about network marketing and how it may improve your income, and your health, check out my opportunity in the wellness field.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee how much money you will make with network marketing. Only you can do that by putting in the effort.

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