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Location is critical for a regular brick and mortar business. Not so much with network marketing, especially if you are online.

I heard of a guy with my MLM company who used to live out West somewhere. He meta woman who lived on the East Coast who didn’t want to move, so he uprooted himself and moved east. He was able to do that without much impact to his business at all.

With network marketing you don’t have to be tied to one area. You definitely don’t have to be on the corner with the most traffic. It can actually be a benefit to move because moving can open up a whole new market for your business. Your existing team will keep on going without you having to be there as long as you leave established leadership behind.

It’s even better online. Your “area” is your whole state, country, or the whole world depending on how your company sets your market. My market is all of the US and Canada and I have successfully sold product online all over this market. If I were to move, it would have no impact on my business other than limited access while my internet connection is set up in my new location.

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