How to Make Money in Network Marketing – Retail Profit

I am a big fan of retail profit because it is the quickest and easiest way to make money in any network marketing business.

When you start out with a network marketing company, your upline tells you that you need to go out and start recruiting. I have never heard an upline tell me to go out and start selling product. The thing is, for a network marketing company to be legitimate (not an illegal pyramid scheme) the majority of the revenue has to come from selling a product or service.

In my opinion, if your sponsor makes money for signing you up, then you paid too much to join.

Anyway, if the majority of the money flowing into the network marketing company is from product sales, then the quickest way for you to get a return on your investment is to retail product yourself.

Most people quit their network marketing business within a few months of joining. I believe that this is because they never saw any income during those first few months. If you were encouraged to sell some product in that first month instead of recruit, you would have had better luck and made some income right off the bat. With money in your pocket, some proof that this network marketing thing can work, you are more likely to stick around and build something.

Further, with some success of your own, you can more easily recruit new people to your team. Who are you more likely to join, someone who made $100 in their first month or someone who recruited three people but never made even a dime in their business?

If you are already working in network marketing, consider what retail profits could do for your team and your business. If you are looking to get into network marketing be sure to partner with someone who understands the power of retail in addition to recruiting.

I believe so strongly in retail profit that I was one of the top 5 retailers in my network marketing business. Learn more about working with me here.

Wayne Woodworth

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