What Is The Difference Between Prospecting and Recruiting?

I never really understood the difference between prospecting and recruiting as they related to network marketing. Do you know the difference?

I was listening to a recording of one of my upline leaders in my network marketing company and he explained it very clearly.

Prospecting is about talking to people to find out about them. You are listening for any indications that they may have a need that you can satisfy.

Recruiting is the process of taking that potential interest and creating the belief that you and your business opportunity or product can satisfy that need.

Now that I understand the difference, I can see how someone was attempting to do this with me on Twitter a few days ago.

He already knew that I am involved in a network marketing business, so he started his prospecting conversation there. He asked me if I was still with my network marketing company, if I am satisfied with the company and the money I’m making, how loyal I am and all of that kind of stuff. He kept asking questions to see if my responses would indicate that I might be open to him trying to recruit me.

He apparently thinks that I might be open to hearing about his business opportunity because today he shifted the conversation to a recruiting one and wants to set up a time to talk about his business opportunity. He apparently forgot or ignored how loyal I am to the company that I am with, because I’m not going anywhere.

It’s pretty easy to see the difference between prospecting and recruiting. The prospecting conversation is mostly about them, your prospect. You want to know about them, their needs and desires. The recruiting conversation is mostly about you and your offer and how you can satisfy their needs and desires.

Do you have any recent stories where someone got prospecting and recruiting out of order? How did it go? Please share it in a comment below.

Wayne Woodworth

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