Are Network Marketers Freaks of Nature?

The idea for this post came from listening to the song Freaks of Nature by Kansas.

When you tell most people that you are joining a network marketing business they look at  you like you are crazy, like you are a freak of nature.

The Free Dictionary defines freak of nature as “a thing or occurrence that is markedly unusual or irregular.”

We are taught while growing up that we need to go to school to get the best education that we can so that we can get a good job. We work away at that job until the government tells us that we are old enough to retire. At that point we get to live comfortably on Social Security and our pension or 401k.

That’s what we are trained to do in school. The funny thing is, how many of the people we study in school actually followed that path? Henry Ford dropped out of school when he was 15. Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell were mostly home schooled. Abraham Lincoln only had a year or two of school.

The thing that sets them apart is that they read a lot.

Most people don’t have enough money to retire when they reach retirement age. And that is after spending years in a job that they hate, or at most marginally tolerate. They have to depend on Social Security to get them through, which isn’t enough for most people.

That isn’t how I want to live my life.

Almost none of the people that we study in history were employees. Sure, they may have been an employee at some point. Ford once worked for Edison for example. What makes them stand out in the history books is what they did once they struck out on their own, as entrepreneurs.

All of the jobs that people have now were created by entrepreneurs. So everyone who looks at you like you were strange works for someone like you, someone who wasn’t content to work as an employee and decided to start something new.

So it really comes down to this. Do you want to be the employee or do you want to be the business owner? If you are happy being the employee, then that’s great. Large businesses cannot run without you.

If you would rather be the business owner, then I would like to talk to you about one way you can do that. My phone number and email address are at the top of the page at this link.

Wayne Woodworth

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