Seth Godin on Blogging

Here is a short video of Seth Godin on the value of blogging. Check it out.

I hadn’t thought about it like this before, but I believe he is right. I have changed a lot since I started blogging three or so years ago (not on this site).

Back then I didn’t know much about blogging other than that it was a good way to generate traffic to my website for free. I didn’t know how to write and I really didn’t expect a lot of people to read what I wrote. Actually, I blogged mostly to generate links to my product content so that I would rank better with the search engine. I didn’t care that nobody read my content.

I’m a little more serious about blogging for blogging’s sake now. I want people to read my content and leave me comments. Likewise, I’m more interested in reading other people’s blogs and leaving comments for them too. It is a great way to meet some people, make a few new friends, and share what is important for you.

I do still blog mostly for network marketing and affiliate marketing. This is how I generate my income. I still do it because I enjoy it.

So, with the popularity of blogging, network marketing could be considered a good way to monetize a blog as well as the other way around, like how I started with a blog as a good way to promote my network marketing business online.

What are your thoughts about blogging? Share with me in a comment below.

Wayne Woodworth

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