How To Sell More In Network Marketing

I was watching a video training from some internet marketing trainers earlier today and I want to share something they taught.

If you want to sell, you have to buy.

I’m not talking about buying the business kit or whatever you have to buy to get into your network marketing opportunity. I’m talking about the product that you sell, and there are many reasons why.

You can’t walk your customers through the sales process if you haven’t gone through it yourself. 

That’s just logistics. You have to know how to buy the products to sell the products. You need the price and have to know what kind of information to get from your customers so that you can sell it to them. The easiest way to do that is to go through the process yourself.

You can’t expect your customers to do something that you won’t do.

This is about integrity. What are you going to tell your customers if they ask you what you think about the product if you have never used it? They may even come out and ask you directly if you use the product yourself. How much belief are they going to have in the product if you tell them that you’ve never used it yourself?

In my network marketing company they say that you need to be a product of the product. You want to have an experience of the product so that you can use your personal story to sell the product to your customers. Honestly, I am much more successful at selling the products that I own and use myself.

To get really good at selling, like you need to to make it big in network marketing, then you need to watch sales presentations. You have to put yourself into a position to get sold regularly. That’s the only way to really learn how to sell.

Here are links to two sales presentations that I think are very good and that I watched myself. The first is Natalie Ledwell of Mind Movies selling their new Mind Movies Matrix program. Go here, watch the video if you like, and opt in for the webinar. I watched the webinar last night and I thought she sold very effectively.

At the end of the webinar Natalie invited everyone who had bought during the webinar to stay on for a special message then dismissed everyone else. I watched the chat window and not a single person left. Everyone stayed on to hear what she told the buyers. Of course, it was more selling psychology, but it was fun to watch.

The second one is Bob Doyle and his Wealth Beyond Reason program. Bob is, in my opinion, the best Law of Attraction teacher from The Secret. It has been very valuable for me to follow him and watch how he does his internet marketing.

Here’s my disclosure – I am an affiliate with both programs. If you find them to be effective presentations like I did and decide to order them, if all works as it should, I will earn a commission. Of course I care whether you buy or not, duh, but that isn’t the point. They are good presentations that you can learn from. And instead of being offended, become an affiliate and make money from those presentations yourself.

Wayne Woodworth

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