Why Choose Network Marketing Over a “Regular Job”

Traditionally, we are raised believing that we have to finish school and go to college to get a good education so that we can then get a good job and toil away the rest of our lives working for someone else.

It’s slavery with a paycheck.

Here are some reasons why building a network marketing business is much better than having a job.

The Boss

As an employee at a job you undoubtedly have a boss. He or she is the person who tells you when you have to be at work, when you have to work late, and tells you what to do every day. They are the person you have to ask if you can have time off for a vacation with your family or to see your kid in their kindergarten play. And they are the person who hands you your token raise every year, if you are lucky.

With a network marketing business, you are the boss. You decide when to work and how long to work, and what to get done each day. Do you want some time off to spend with your family? Take it.

There is an increased level of responsibility with this off course. You are solely responsible for your success or failure. You have to have the self-discipline to do what needs to be done to gain customers and build your team.

Not everyone can handle this kind of responsibility. Personally, I enjoy the freedom.

Promotions and Advancement

As an employee there are limited opportunities for advancement. You are pretty much stuck where you are unless either a position above you is vacated (someone quits, is fired, or dies) or the company creates new positions as part of an expansion. Either way, it’s generally out of your control.

In network marketing there is room for everyone at the top. If I want to be a Royal Diamond in my network marketing business, all I have to do is make the decision and then qualify. I don’t have to displace anyone and it is completely in my control.

Income Limits

All of the jobs that I have worked at have had specific pay ranges associated with them. Once you reach the top of that range all you can hope for is a nominal cost-of-living increase. You could always try to increase your income through advancement, but we’ve already talked about the chances of that happening.

The only job I know of that doesn’t have that limit is in commissioned sales. With a sales job, if you want to make more money, then you sell more product.

It’s the same with network marketing. As a distributor in a network marketing business you are essentially an independent commissioned sales person.

Network marketing one-ups commissioned sales too, at least with my company. I get retail profit and a commission percentage. Officially, I buy the product from the company at wholesale and sell it to my customers at retail for a retail profit. I also earn a commission on each sale based on my distributor rank. It’s very cool.

Your income potential is unlimited.

Job Security

Your continued employment is often out of your hands with a job. Sure, there are some things you can control, like showing up for work on time everyday and getting your work done. There are also a lot of things out of your control, like downsizing.

Working for a publicly traded company is the worst. You think you have a great job and your job is secure. Then one day the CEO decides to retire. A new CEO comes in and decides to improve the stock price by reducing the head count. From then on it is constant worry about whether or not you will survive the next wave of layoffs. My wife and my father have both worked under those conditions.

There is none of that stress when you work for yourself in network marketing. Really, there is no job security to worry about because there is no job. You are your business and it doesn’t exist without you.

That’s why I chose network marketing. It has none of the hassles of a job. No boss, easy advancement, unlimited income, and no job security to worry about. What could be better than that?

Wayne Woodworth

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