Residual Income in Internet Network Marketing

I am at a network marketing event put on by the leaders in my network marketing company and I will share some of the stuff I am learning here and my business opportunity blog.

What I want to share today is actually something that some new friends and I were discussing last night in the hotel. We were talking about how to build our businesses and make money. I like building volume through retail sales while they are focused on recruiting people. We couldn’t come to an agreement.

Their argument against retail sales was that your income is only as good as your last sale while by recruiting they have more people making sales. That’s when I realized where the disconnect was.

When you are doing the face-to-face network marketing, that’s true. You are only in front of a small number of people and for a limited time. If you just sell a product then that’s it. You’re done. They need distributors on their team to generate residual income.

I am an internet network marketer though. My pages and articles are those distributors that they are looking for. My pages are out there working for me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That’s my residual income. The difference is that I create them and they don’t take a cut. The money all comes up to me.

To take it further, now that I have a monthly residual income through my own efforts, I can shift my focus to bringing on new people to my team who also want to build their network marketing business online.

So, don’t get me wrong, I am building a team in my network marketing business. It is just easier to start off with retail sales to build residual income. Once you know you have an income, you have a platform from which you can recruit new people to your team.

If this makes sense for you then click over to my busines website to learn more about how I am building my business online. If it doesn’t make sense, then leave me a comment below because I want to hear your thoughts and get into a discussion that we can all learn from.

Wayne Woodworth

PS. I have a follow-up article to this one on my main business website.

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