How Do You “Do” Network Marketing?

Don’t be a Lone Ranger, but you have to be different and stand out.

I spent a few days in Orlando, FL at a big network marketing event put on by the field leaders with my network marketing company. All of the big wigs were there, both from the field, and the top people from corporate too.

It was very cool.

The first night of the vent involved one or two Diamonds and Royal Diamonds sitting at tables and the rest of us moving from table to table, kind of like speed-dating, to ask them any questions that we have.

Peter, a Diamond in my upline, was at the first table I visited. Instead of me asking him a question, he started asking me questions about the things I am doing to build my business online, which then had the rest of the people at the table curious too.

I moved on to another table when that round was up.

The standard response to “how to build your network marketing business” from the rest of the tables, where they didn’t already know who I am, was to do what everyone else does. Build your list of 100 people, talk to everybody you meet (the 3-foot rule), and keep plugged into the system. Do NOT go it on your own and don’t be a “Lone Ranger”.

Then one person, I don’t remember who, said that to be successful in network marketing you have to be different and stand out from the crowd.

That isn’t something that you hear every day from an old-school network marketer. It makes complete sense from a business standpoint, of course. Why should people join you as opposed to all of the other network marketers out there who are building a business with the same company? I just had never heard another network marketer say it before.

And how do you reconcile “be different” and “stand out” with not being a “Lone Ranger”?

I think many in my network marketing company would consider me a Lone Ranger. I am the only one I know in my company who isn’t building the business in the traditional face-to-face way.

Everything I do starts online. I don’t meet people face-to-face. I rarely go to meetings. I don’t go looking for people to join my team. I don’t makes lists of people and I don’t use the three foot rule. I’m totally rogue.

Except that I’m not. I’m not a Lone Ranger in my network marketing business. I do stay plugged in to the company, more so probably than most. I also stay plugged in with what my Royal Diamond upline is doing. I talk to the corporate and my upline at least once a week.

So, I am being very different but I am not doing it alone. That’s the key.

If you are in a network marketing business, how are you different? How do you stand out from the crowd? Leave me a comment below.

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Wayne Woodworth

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